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Design Bureau

We transform complex problems into effective visual communication solutions.

The Design Bureau is a student-led design studio. We create strategic visual communication solutions that please the eyes, engage the mind and inspire action.

We undertake a rigorous and collaborative design process that involves listening, research, strategy, conceptual development and deign development.

Portfolio: Peninsula Larder business cards

Peninsula Larder: creating a world-class brand

Rebranding a luxury food market product. Work – strategy, identity design, packaging, print and web media.

Portfolio: Go against the flow

Go Against the Flow: Starting a Sisterhood

Began as a Swinburne research project. Became a girl power movement. We worked with the Victorian Continence Resource Centre to develop a resource for young women to better understand their pelvic health. Work – Strategy, identity design, web design, brand rollout, illustration and 2D animation.

Portfolio: BioMelbourne Network

BioMelbourne Network: Designing a Bright New Future

A not-for-profit membership association for biotechnology organisations needed a more effective identity. So we created a flexible toolkit of visual components with endless application possibilities. Work – strategy, identity and collateral design.

Portfolio: Healthkite

Health Kite: Finding the Cure for a Complex Interface

How do you make a complex tele-medicine interface a brilliant user experience? You work closely with your client to develop a detailed, high-definition interactive prototype of the new design. Work – user experience and interface design, and implementation of an experience design prototype.

Portfolio: Rooftop Design

Rooftop Living Laboratory: Environmental design

What's the best way to communicate the possibilities of innovative energy-saving and interactive environmental technologies? Create an immersive experience. We visualised a rooftop installation and an ambient soundscape for Professor Richard Manasseh. Work – environmental and experiential design.

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From startups to research institutes, we work with clients who care about social good.

Put simply, we do great work for people doing good things (really good things).

  • Baker Institute
  • Cabrini Health
  • Peninsula Larder
  • Bio Melbourne
  • Smart Cities Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Swinburne University of Technology


We're not just your creatives, we're your creative partners. 

We’re a bunch of dedicated, inspired designers who care about solving design and communication challenges. We deliver projects that spark conversations and elicit change.

Whether you’re a client seeking design solutions, or a student seeking a place where you can work on real-world projects, we can help.

We craft strategic and effective communication design solutions across a variety of media formats including print, digital and motion design.

We’re your collaborative partners.

Our approach

We’re methodical in our design practice and fluid in our thinking. Pragmatic yet inspired.

Curiosity underpins everything we do. We start by listening. Then we dive into research and strategy. Next, comes conceptual and design development. It all adds up to a rigorous and collaborative design process. And that equals communication design outcomes that effect the change you want to see.

Our approach centres around one main thing: collaboration. So if you’re ready to explore the possibilities, come on the journey with us. The end destination will be one you were planning on, and are excited to arrive at.

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