With uni life on the horizon, now is the time to consider your future and look at your options. To help you on your journey, we have a range of support avenues, as well as events where you’ll be able to explore your study options and get a glimpse at Swinburne student life. 

Let’s get you confident in your VTAC preferences

Thinking about your preferences and how to get them just right? Then it’s time to narrow down the details of what you see yourself doing next year and beyond. And, making the decision that’s best for you means getting to know courses, campuses, requirements, and all the rest.

As always, we’re on hand to help. Want to know more about life as a uni student? Jump into a direct message chat with a current Swinburne student and ask all your burning questions about our courses and our community. Or, want to chat to a Swinburne course adviser one-on-one, via video appointment? You can do that, too.

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    Chat with a current Swinburne student

    Still not convinced you’re ready to tackle your VTAC preferences? No worries. Start a chat with a current Swinburne student and ask them anything you like: How do I choose my course? What’s the campus vibe? Where’s the best lunch in Hawthorn? Pitch your hard-hitting questions and leave confident about your preferences.

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    Book a one-on-one: Get the right advice

    Not sure which course is right for you? Need a hand getting your VTAC preferences sorted? We've got you. Book a free, one-on-one virtual appointment with a student advisor, and have all your questions answered in real time.

Campus tours

We're buffing the floors and raking the leaves, making sure our Hawthorn campus is looking its best.

Because as soon as we're able to, we plan to welcome you on campus for safe and socially-distanced tours of where you may well be studying next year. Led by a current Swinburne student, to boot!

We'll be updating this page when campus tours become possible again, so don’t forget to check back as restrictions ease.  

In the meantime, you can always take a virtual tour of our Hawthorn, Wantirna, and Croydon campuses.

What can you do with your ATAR? 

Want to know where your Year 12 results could take you? Meet the ATAR calculator. 

How does it work? Just enter an estimate of the score you’re aiming for and our calculator will reveal the Swinburne courses available to you with that result. 

Swinburne offers guaranteed entry ATARs, so if you meet the ATAR for your chosen course – as well as any additional pre-requisites – you'll be guaranteed an offer.

And as always, we provide alternative pathways into bachelor degrees, so if your ATAR isn't as expected, many roads still lead to your dream course.

Show me my options

Are you eligible for special consideration? 

If there are circumstances or obstacles which have impacted your studies and your academic results, you may be eligible for special consideration via the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS).

SEAS considers a range of factors that may have the ability to affect your performance and results, like your financial situation, your health, or your living circumstances.

SEAS categories are: 

Category 1 – Personal information and location

Category 2 – Disadvantaged financial background

Category 3 – Disability or medical condition

Category 4 – Difficult circumstances

Because this past year has been particularly challenging, many students are likely to meet one or more categories that may qualify them for special consideration. We recommend talking to your school about applying for SEAS.

SEAS applications  open at 9am on 2 August and must be submitted by 5pm on 8 October. Once this date has passed, there will be no other possibility to apply for special consideration, so don’t miss out.

Once you’ve completed a SEAS application, and have been approved, it is then applied automatically to any course applications you submit via VTAC.

Keep in mind that a SEAS application doesn’t guarantee you an offer and you must still complete all the requirements listed under the selection criteria of each course. 

See more about the Special Entry Access Scheme

Practice exams

What’s the secret to acing your exams? The experts say plan your time, read and read again, and answer the easy questions first.  

And of course: practice. 

Tackling a practice exam or two before the real thing is one sure-fire way to get prepared, confident, and to brush off the first-time jitters.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, many practice exams this year will not take place in person as they usually would, but will be held online, interactive and live. 

If you’re interested in participating in practice exams this year, we recommend booking early where possible, as events tend to have attendance caps. 

See 2021 practice exam events

Are you ready to preference Swinburne?

Timely VTAC applications open 9am Monday 2 August and close 5pm Thursday 30 September.
If you’ve chosen your course and are ready to preference Swinburne, head on over to VTAC to begin!

Preference Swinburne
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    Play Swintopia

    Want to try Swinburne on for size from the comfort of... wherever you are? Explore our virtual campus, collect goodies, and meet the locals. 

    Need help finding your way in Swintopia? Read our FAQs.

Keep on exploring

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    We offer a wide range of scholarships to help selected students from all walks of life reach their academic goals.

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    Swinburne Student Life

    Swinburne Student Life organises sporting and entertainment activities throughout the year, including Orientation Week. Swinburne Student Life also provides support, academic advice and representation for students.

  • Accommodation

    Discover all your student housing options at Swinburne, including on-campus accommodation, shared apartments, studio apartments and short-term accommodation.
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    Clubs and student organisations

    Join a club or student organisation and meet like-minded people, explore new hobbies and get involved with the issues you care about. Find your people.
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    Work Integrated Learning

    Graduate with real industry experience you can put on your resume by taking on Swinburne’s Work Integrated Learning and workplace training programs.

  • Student support services

    Need support? Swinburne’s student support services can help with your studies, career, health and wellbeing, accommodation, child care, IT, safety and more.