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Amazon Web Services collaboration

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The Swinburne Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) is the first-of-its-kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Part of a global network, Cloud Innovation Centres, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), are dedicated to accelerating public sector innovation.

The Swinburne Data for Social Good CIC is among seven other initiatives supported by AWS worldwide, including California Polytechnic University Digital Transformation Hub, Arizona State University Smart City CIC, Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) Digital Transformation Lab, CODE University of Applied Sciences Better Future Lab, Sciences Po Public Innovation Lab, Busan City CIC, and the recently launched University of British Columbia (UBC) Community Health and Wellbeing CIC in Vancouver.


 Map of the world showing locations of AWS Cloud Innovation Centres

Amazon’s Innovation Methodology

Organisation’s interested in collaborating with the Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre can benefit from Amazon’s approach to innovation called Working Backwards, as we leverage this methodology when working through public sector challenges.

Key elements of the working backwards process include the development of a press release as a vision document and detailing frequently asked questions. While many organisations write a press release after a product or service is designed, Amazon starts with the press release before building something new in order to ensure teams are really clear about what is being built and all of the ways it can benefit customers. A FAQs document helps builders anticipate questions from customers and stakeholders about the new idea.

Students and public sector organisations will have the opportunity to experience Amazon’s Working Backwards Methodology for their most pressing issues after challenges are submitted to the Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre and accepted.