Transferring to Swinburne

If you have been studying at another institution and would like to transfer to Swinburne, you may be eligible to receive credit.


Credit is the recognition of previous study and/or experience in the form of exemption from certain course requirements. This allows you to enter a course with advanced standing.

The amount of credit you may receive is based on the type of study you have completed. It takes into account how many units of study you have completed and how relevant they are to the course you wish to study at Swinburne.

You will be assessed on both your academic results and the course content. This assessment determines if credit may be granted.

In Australian universities, the term ‘credit’ is often used interchangeably with the terms ‘advanced standing’, ‘exemptions’ and/or ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL). Note that Swinburne refers to RPL as recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience, life experience and/or formal training. Therefore, RPL and credit are not interchangeable terms.

How to apply for credit

You can apply for credit when you apply to Swinburne. When you submit your application you must provide certified copies of unit outlines and academic transcripts. In some cases you may be required to provide a Letter of Release from your current institution.

Your application will be assessed and, if successful, you will receive advice in your Letter of Offer. If the credit is conditional, you must provide evidence that you have satisfactorily met the conditions prior to, or at the time of accepting your offer. The course duration shown in your Letter of Offer will reflect the amount of credit granted.

If you do not apply for credit when you submit your application, you must do so within one to four weeks of commencing the course, depending on the course. Applications made after this time may not be approved. All applications must be approved by your faculty or school.

If you receive credit after your visa is granted, the Department of Home Affairs must be notified of any change this may cause to your course duration.

Letter of Release

If you wish to transfer to Swinburne from another Australian institution prior to completing the first six months of your principal course, you must provide a Letter of Release from your current institution. Your principal course is the final course in a packaged offer.

If you are a sponsored student, you must submit a letter from your government sponsor supporting your transfer to Swinburne.

If you have completed the first six months of your principal course at another Australian institution, a Letter of Release is not required.

If you are transferring from an overseas institution, a Letter of Release is not required.

Get advice

If you need help with the transferring process, Swinburne offers advice by phone or email.